Monday, May 28, 2012

I daydream and poetry is my cloud...

Poetry is one of my favorites reading. I’ve been taught how to read poetry when I was 8 or 9 by my grandparents and it was so pictorial that I fell for poetry and poets. Of course, I have, now, “my” poets and poems, but back then, it was quite must-read poetry, mainly French of course, and a few English.

A few years ago, my dearest friend (and almost sister) Cathy offered me for my birthday a heavy and awesome book “world Poetry”. It’s a magnificent book with poems from any kind, country and period of time.

I was fascinated by it and started to read them all. It took me a few months indeed to appreciate any word and any rhythm.
I am still astonished whenever I read a poem from illustrious poets. They are so simple but complex, lovely and delicate, clever but not ostentatious.

As far as I am concerned, I do have my favorite poets and poems. Thus, I think that poetry has to share to anyone whom likes beauty and words. Writing poetry is a quite difficult art but it is one of the most amusing due to the huge possibilities of saying the inner feelings with simple or controversial words.

Among all the poets I fancy, a very few truly captured my heart and soul : Arthur Rimbaud, François Villon, Robert Lee Frost, John Keats, Paul Verlaine, Vladimir Maïakovski, Oscar Wilde and Victor Hugo. It is obviously a perfect mix between French and Anglo-Saxon literatures but Maïakovski who’s Russian.

Poetry reflects the world and its beauty and a sort of way of thinking and life. The fact that some people are totally afraid of poetry is mainly due to their lack of acknowledges of how to read poetry. I guess that this rhythm in a poem is not as simple as it looks like. Many people I’ve asked about told me that they believe that poetry is not easy to understand because of the structure of the sentences. I am sure that somehow they are right, but it is obvious to me to read poetry.

Therefore, poetry requires a certain state of mind. It is the essence of the words. Poetry is quite everywhere indeed ; In photography, in painting, in sketching, in sculpture, in cooking… everywhere you can see and feel poetry. I remember this scene in Sam Mendes’ film “American Beauty” when one of the protagonists shows a video film about a plastic bag flying for long minutes. He said something like “it’s so beautiful”. It was and it was a kind of poetry.

One of my true favorites moments on holidays is to sit down on my Family House garden, under “my tree” (a hazelnut planted when I was born, kind of my natural double !) and read for hours, feeling the smell of the fields, flowers and woods around, the wind on my hair and the bees trying to kill me (I’m allergic to). Some would call me a contemplative person. I guess that I am one of those people who can stay daydreaming for hours without being bored.

Of course, quoting my favorites poets would be pretty problematic as I really appreciate their works. Anyhow, some poems are most valuable to my heart due to personal circumstances, yet it would be way too private to reference them here.

Privacy comes first in matter of feelings.