Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why I liked Krissy Taylor and still do.

First of all, paying a tribute to Krissy is not that easy to do. I don’t want this paper to be unhappy, or make even sad her family and friends. Krissy was everything to them all and I know how much it means to miss someone. 

Anyhow, Krissy was part of my life in this amazing models business and she deserves to be celebrating by a post here. So, Krissy, whenever you are, be sure that this paper is written with so much respect, love and sweet thoughts.

Krissy’s real name is Kristen Erin Taylor. She was born in 1978 and was a very lovely little girl, smiling to life and to her parents (Barbara & Ken) and her sibling Joelle & Nicole (aka Joie & Niki).

Krissy was what Americans call the girl-next-door. But she was more than that. She was a real sunshine and a true beauty. The first time I’ve seen her in early 1990, I was so surprised by her big smile and long legs that I thought she was a dream. She was only close to 12 and twinkled in this Seventeen March 1990 editorial, starring with her “older sis” Niki. 

Only a couple of photos and she was gone from the magazines. But I guess that, like me, Editors in Chiefs of fashion magazines saw the potential of her and finally casted her more often about two years later. Seventeen and Australian magazines (Dolly, Girlfriend, etc.) offered her their cover and editorials. At the beginning, she frequently worked with Niki and did some catwalks in Milan with her (for instance in 1993).

Soon, Krissy modeled on her own and won covers & editorials as long as many fans all over the world. She was this young lovely and fresh Floridian born teenager and she brightened the pages of youth magazines. Through the years, she became a splendid young woman, charismatic and with this incredible deep and warm voice. I know that it’s not obvious but here is an interview of her.


Krissy did start a career and she did great. She didn’t like to travel and go far away from her home, family, friends and life. She turned to be a Country girl, dancing in line and listening country music with her friends. All her shootings (or so) were done in Miami or its area. One of her last shootings was for Cosmopolitan UK june 1995.

She represented, for me, and many, an icon of beauty. Niki is perfection but Krissy was the woman we all wanted to be. I mean she was the kind of girl that I would have loved to hang out with and spend nights out with. The kind of girlfriend I would have loved to look alike.

I fully agree with Niki’s statement : “Krissy’s totally real”.  She had this incredibly smile and laugh than made me thought that she was really special. I liked her too and still do for all the reasons a person likes a famous one… because of her beauty whatever includes the word of beauty (inner, physical, etc.). through the interviews in magazines or TV show, she let me think that she was that easy going friend whom you could call up at any hour and talk for hours with. She liked her parents, her sisters, her family, her friends and she liked life. She liked her life and cared for others’.

So, if I had to choice to look like to someone, it should to be her. She was the girl to look alike, to talk with, to think about, to collect on… Krissy was a star that turned into a butterfly who flew away from us but still looks over us all… I hope that she is watching over us all and that her beautiful smile shines on and lights ours ways and mine too.

I clearly remember when I heard about her death on July 2nd 1995. It was a total shock. She was so young but died from a right ventricular dysplasia (a heart condition). I won’t explain here the circumstances because it has been told many times and no need to hurt her family more about that.

Later in 1995, her family planted a Royal Poinciana tree at the Markham Park in Miami, where Krissy’s Memorial was held. I put a few souvenirs for her there (xoxo to my dear sweetie Leighton) and made a website for her and her sibling, Niki.

Her mom, Barbara, a great photographer, dedicated to her a website.

She was only 17, a glorious future to come and thousands of people who liked her, and still do.

"Remember her that way" headlines her website. I do it.


  1. Beautiful tribute. I'll never forget Krissy or the warmth and beauty she brought to this world.

  2. Thank you for the lovely tribute, Lisa. I felt the same way about Krissy and think of her often even now. She was very special and I will probably never forget about her as long as I live.

  3. Krissy is the most beautiful woman ever created!


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