Friday, June 08, 2012

Tennis, Football... What else in June ?

Whenever you don’t work in this late may /early june, you have had no many options : Tennis or Football (not even mention the Diamond Jubilee in UK, as I am a UK admirer and a real fan of UK Monarchy. Long Live The Queen !)

So far, I chose Tennis (French Open) as Football is on air later within an hour for the official opening ceremony) and that I only support England team (which might come back home as soon as possible. Whom said “as usual” ?  L!).

I know that I could spend my all day reading and writing (and probably sketching too) but somehow, I don’t like doing that for 10 hours straight, especially when I hardly can’t stay sitting for more than 2 hours without feeling hurt from my belly (stitches off but it is still a bit hurtful !). So I turn my TV on and watch at tennis.
Not that I am a fan of Tennis (I’ve never been a tennis player and the few times I practiced it, I was a real dumb !), but it is obvious a TV sport…

Sure, I have a very few tennis players that I fancy (one british, one French) and I was happy to attend to any of their games… Guess what ? I’ve seen only a few images and one full game, when they both played versus each other. By the way, I am talking about Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet.

It is amazing how quickly a day can fly by when you watch at tennis in afternoon. You just put your ass on the sofa and watch at tv… when you are feeling a bit hungry, you look to the clock and notice : 7 pm ! Gosh, you just spent the 5 hours last to watch at TV !

So, as my favorites are off the Tennis Open (and that Nadal is certainly the winner of the 2012), I decided to focus on Football and Euro 2012. First of all, I don’t like this new name : Euro 2012. It sounds like a financial appellation. I liked the “European Nations Championship”. Anyhow, I was raised up with football fans in my family and most of my friends were boys, so, Yes, I do know football, rules and what I am talking about.
Nevertheless, I was more into football before 1998. It might be amazing, but I’ve been starting disliking football when many girls enjoyed it : during the World Soccer Cup in France in 1998.

I still support my team (btw, Liverpool F.C.) and a French one (Marseille’s), but I am not obsessed to watch at any game as I used to be.

About this Euro 2012, apart from “my” national team (England, though), I shall support Holland (The Netherlands). I’ve always liked the spirit and way of playing of the “Orange” nation. Moreover, my football God is Johan Cruyff (whom is dutch, for those who really don’t care – know- about football !).

I checked the French TV program and I noticed that a very few games were on air in national basic channels. You have 2 choices : TF1 & M6. On the first one, you have the comments of one the most boring journalists I’ve ever heard and on the second, the famous “pair” of commentators (and some of the most discourteous comments). Which will I choose ?

BeInSport ! The new comer in sport channels is owned by Al Jazeera and, if they do as good as the report channel of the Mother Network, they are no doubt that it would be good to watch out.

More to come soon….