Sunday, April 29, 2012

My girls... My Girls...

My 8 wonders !

Apart from my family, nothing compares to my 8 wonders : 8 girls (I shall post about the boys later this year. I love you  too, mates !). My closest friends and a true inspiration to me  ! They are so different but so gorgeous inside and out. I know them for years and they don’t meet each other or hardly ever. 

In alphabetical order : Carol, Cathy, Jen, Karen, Kim, Lea, Linda & Sari.

Those girls are magnificent, funny, smart, amazing and above all my friends. I am proud of them, all.  But Karen who’s not connected to the Internet, we all share an email, a tweet, a Facebook message or a text message almost daily (or at least weekly). Whenever I wrote something in my Facebook wall, it is dedicated to them.

I am bliss to know them and I appreciate any moment spent with them.

Honestly, I never met, physically speaking, 3 of them : Jen, Kim & Linda. Jen and I missed a few meetings over the years ; Kim (despite the fact that she lives in UK) and I didn’t had the opportunity to settle a meeting  ;  Linda lives in Australia and the last time she came in Europe, we didn’t know each other.

But there is a bond between us.

Linda is just like a sister to me and even my mother says “my adopted daughter”. She is just a super smart and genius person, caring, funny and quite eccentric ! I’ve just adored our emails and conversation over the years. She has her own vision on facts and the world and I do care about her opinions. My Aussie Sister….

Kim and I used to write to each other a lot until Kim became a caring and loving mom of 2 wonders (obviously a wonder does a wonder). She’s still a wonderful person I like to write to but it is rather seldom nowadays. Anyhow, she’s got a special place in my circle of friends.

Jen & I share a lot in common : photography, fashion, models, etc. We are connected on the same level about art, friendship and life and, honestly, that is an indubitably strong link. Jen is just a wonderful girl !

Now, let’s talk about my five others wonders, those I’ve been knowing for ages and meeting as often as I can… even though we don’t meet that much, Internet and Skype help us out !

Carol : it’s easy to talk about Carol. She lives almost around the corner. We met at school and I know that I was not her first choice to be friend with. I was, as she points out whenever someone asks her about, “distant, cold and rather too wild” for her. But our friendship blossomed and we are best friends. Carol is a Gemini and that can explain a lot of things about her. She is my opposite in many ways (physically and spiritually) but we hardly fight over something. We tease each other sometimes, but it is never harsh. We supported each other through the years in joys and pains. She is here for me as much as I am here for her.

Cathy : if I had to choose another sister (adopted one), she had to be her. We have too strong tempers (both Leo, if you know what I mean !), and had different points of views, but over the years we learnt about each others, wrote long letters with details on our roots and find out so many things about ourselves that the relation is just obviously genuine. She is my counselor, my other half… Some should say my soul mate. We’ve been through hard times and we cherish, now, the happiness to be back in touch. Most of all, I am proud to be “Aunt Lizzie” to her tremendous daughters and just “her Lizzie”.

Karen : what is special about Karen is herself. I met her because she was Lea’s friend. We met and we got along quite well. But she is a very unique person, rather touchy and with strict opinions. We wrote long letters to each other for a while and then, she stopped answering back. She is still someone I appreciate even though she is not around anymore. So far.

Lea  : another sibling. Lea is precious. She’s been my friend for years and we have a lot of tastes in common. When we met physically speaking, it was evident. We had the feeling that we’ve known each other for decades. She is a very caring person, always thinking of you before of herself. She is funny and makes me laugh out loud. She is a very smart girl and I do know that she is gifted for many things but doesn’t matter about getting the center of attention. She’s a cat lover too, like I am. We even talked about moving in together in our old days to be able to care for each other. I guess that France would suit her perfectly.

Sari : She’s my soul mate. We’ve been friends for about 15 years, travelled together and enjoyed any minute. She is a true wonder. She is clever and beautiful. She knows what she wants and she is persisted to her goal until success. She changed of job situation without being afraid of while I am stuck in mine. She is courageous and down-to-earth, even though she can be as wild as I am. Lately, she’s been so busy in her professional and personal lives that we aren’t in touch as often as we used to, but I know that she does think of me and vice versa. I know that she will be there for me. I shall too. That is all that matter : her friendship.

So, yes indeed, I love those girls. I really love them all. They are a real gift that Life (or God) gave me through the years. It’s been decades for some, less for others but mainly, they are part of my life. They know me more than any member of my family and I am proud of them. Any of them have a special place in my heart.

One of my dreams is to organize a meeting with all of them in Saint Martial and spend a whole girlie week. We all should have a blast. Well, basically, we ought to.

I love you Girls !! Je vous aime les filles !! 
Jag älskar dig flickor !! Rakastan sinua tytöt !!

I have to add Micaela, Sylvana, Estelle, Sophie, Natacha (but she is my manager, so she's already special), Sally, etc..... They are all in my hearts.