Monday, April 02, 2012

Backstage with models, photographer and co.... Hysterical !

Since 1992 when we (at ItemLiz-ECK) have started our collaboration, we’ve been doing backstage shooting. ItemLiz-ECK was not called that way back in 1992. It was just ItemLiz. We added ECK for Evana-Carol-Killian (the historic models).

ItemLiz-ECK is an amazing adventure. Due to circumstances, we worked in dozens of places from nature to museums, from hotel room to beaches. We shot in a Natural Museum, some beaches, a Hotel room of an architectural building, in parks, in garbage dump, an Opera hall, a National Park, an Island and even a castle.

We had a hundred of clothing from Princess to tramp, via sportive, punk, nerd, dancing queen or hysterical girl.

Carol and I worked for a couple of year altogether. It was just a duet with a team behind the scene. Carol is a very malleable person. She could do anything I imagined for her. She is the soft version in my wild and rebel vision. She dreams herself into princess and gowns whilst I imagined punk stories. She was a bit clumsy sometimes but she did it great.

Then, Evana joined the crew, followed two years later by Killian. Both brought the perfect combination to ItemLiz. They were similar, kind of sibling, but total opposite in attitudes. One was wild and sexy, the other was mature and sensual. It was the perfect mix with Carol and her artless attitude.

In 2009, we welcomed those three wonderful girls. Alexandrine, Marine & Sarah are three amazing girls, so talented and different. They started with a pretty much challenging theme : 20’s. They succeeded and were potentially the best I’ve had for years in my lens!

So, basically, backstage photos are quite weird to look at ! There is no directive line for those photos. Everyone is allowed to shoot anyone, in any situation and above all, to capture the worst or the funniest ones. Since 1992, we shot many backstage photos and some are quite important for us all.

We’ve seen some models in the worst situations, the funniest positions and the most embarrassing attitudes, but it is always with love, friendship and a lot of respect.

After years between adults, our three gorgeous, stunning and talented young women offer us hilarious moments and the privilege of youth.

I am a bit of despotic while a fashion shooting. I tolerated no lapses in a set. All is scheduled, listed and organized. You have to. Especially when you have four models, two assistants, a hairdresser, a makeup artist who want to eat candies, dancing in rhythm, drinking champagne (especially the photographer !) answer back any text message or even relax on the couch ; All that in a very strict schedule, sometimes in a studio. Believe me, you have to be despotic !

Anyhow, the results are always the most amusing.