Thursday, February 09, 2012

Inside Saint Martial Viveyrols Church

Saint Martial Viveyrols church is one of the most ancient fortress church of Périgord Vert (northern of Périgord – Dordogne), built in the mid of the 11th Century. But it is one of the less decorated and sophisticated too. For instance, Grand Brassac’s or Siorac de Ribérac’s are more magnificent and loveliest.
But Saint Martial is peaceful and simple. Statues are numerous and, however, not that luxurious, they are well-designed and done. Notre Dame de Lourdes, at the entry, left side, is absolutely gorgeous and makes you feel so secured by her side. Saint Antoine de Padoue (left wall) makes you feel observed wherever you are situated within the church.
The bottoms of statues are also something to look to. Angels are used to decorate them. The windows are also typical. They are, indeed, loopholes and quite amazing. Some stained glasses bedeck them and two were restored by a French Glassworker, one of the finest of the area.
The church is simple plan and not too ornamented but it seems that everyone whom visited it, really thought that it was one of the true special fortress-church they’ve seen before. Then, what it makes it even more special is to know that a few people are buried under your feet. 3 priests, 1 knight and, most probably, a few nobles from famous families demanded to be buried inside the church. Unfortunately, due to a total replacing of the original pavement, no visible trace is in sight, only texts have been found.