Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sarah : She's a lady !

When Carol & I decided to enroll a couple of girls for our fashion shooting, my sibling, Alex, (already casted for) asked her closest friends and introduced us to Sarah.

Sarah was immediately a bright kid for us. She was funny, smart, so fashionable, and with this strong will to succeed. She was also the tallest of them with a model attitude. She knows what she wants. Basically, no ! She does know what she does not want ! She expresses it clearly and it finally occurs that she was great in any session.

She learns quickly and knows how to follow “orders” whilst shooting because she is clever enough to realize that I am right about an attitude, a position or lighting.

For her first shooting, she had to be a 20’s girl. And she did it satisfactorily (like the 2 others newcomers, Alex & Marine).

The fact that you must know about Sarah is that she is a very talented girl with many skills. She can sew a gown, sketches, dances, models, dresses up like in Marie-Antoinette and looks terrific and also, she gets a brain ! She is top of her class and may be a very great leader in the domain she would work for.

I really like talking with Sarah because she shares a lot with me : fashion, model, drawing, travelling, artistic areas, etc. She’s like a “little” me… but with better looking, more willing to achieve her goals, lots of opportunities and her youth…

We share another place in common… a certain area in Southern West of France, within a 10 km of distance.

Do remember her name … She will be popular very soon !