Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In my "jardin extraordinaire"....

Sometimes, you have a place in your heart where you feel so secure and happy... I like a lot of places, but the only one for me is my family house's garden... My great-great grandparents started the job, and we are keeping on the work... A part from a few "unhabitants" - animals we have, most of the garden is full of trees (about 27) and flowers...
One of the roses tree is quite old, because my great grandmother put it and let it grow... So we are used to call it "Greatgrandma's roses"... It's the first which pops up on spring and the last one too for Christmas... Do not even ask how it comes !

Here are a few flowers we cherish...

 greatgrandma's rose

The sunflower we had a few years ago with some siblings ...

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