Friday, June 01, 2012

My favorite cities : Florence (Italy)

This post is for Sacha ;) Фотографии для Сашa. Поцелуи.

Whenever I think about Italy, I do think about Florence (Firenze). I love Toscany (probably because a little part of my roots come from there) and appreciated the area each time I went there.

I visited a few cities in Italy (Roma, Venice, Milano, Torino, etc.) but I much prefer Florence.  Florence is well known to be the cradle of Renaissance and all its monuments prove that fact. The last time I went there was with my friend, Sari.

We decided to meet up there and to spend a four days visiting the city and the area (we had a train ride to Pisa). We had very wonderful moments visiting this wonderful and ancient city. It was a privilege to walk by it with her because she is one of the “8 wonders”.

We booked a hotel within the historic center, in front of the Bargello (Via del Proconsolo) and we did agree on anything to visit. Of course, the Piazza della Signoria was just around the corner and Dante mansion on the street behind our hotel.


Any interesting place was just a few walking around and the Palazzo Pitti (and its spectacular Boboli garden) walking took us about 20 minutes crossing the Arno River by the famous Bridge “Ponte Vecchio”. Ponte Vecchio is amazing with its multitude of shops built upon its edges. The bridge carries too Vasari’s elevated Corridor which links the Uffizi to the Medici residence, Palazzo Pitti.

We walked by at night and, even though it was crowded, it was just tremendous.

Florence is such a gorgeous city especially in the center. We didn’t visit the suburbs but the history of the city can be admired everywhere.
The Duomo (Cathedral) and the Gates of Paradise are must-see as well as Santa Maria Novella and the Basilica Santa Croce (Michelangeli & Galileo are buried inside this Basilica).

Some others churches have to be seen such as Basilica of San Lorenzo which is one of the largest situated close to main market district. Many Medici are buried inside it such as Cosimo il Vecchio.

As many tourists, we went out nearby Piazza della Signoria and ate in a little trattoria a bit away from the center.

The best we visited was, indisputably, The Uffizi. It is one of the most famous galleries of art in the world in which you can admire large international and Florentine arts (the rooms 10-14 dedicated to Botticelli are gorgeous).

You have to go and visit The Galleria Dell’Accademia houses the Michelangelo’s David statue, Palazzo Medici Ricardi and the Bargello where Michelangelo’s statues, Donatello’s and the interior square are marvelous.


Then, if you ever have enough time, takes the train to Pisa (or Sienna) and admire the Tuscan landscapes and smell the atmosphere. It is so beautiful.

Dolce vita, right ?