Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 40th to Carol Hart




This is a great day, today ! 

It’s my Best Friend’s Birthday. 

She is turning 40 ! Yes, she still can say her age ! Obviously, I had to write a paper upon her to celebrate her day….

The first fact that I have to say is : SHE IS AMAZINGLY GREAT !! Sure, some might say “She’s your best friend !”. Indeed and most certainly more than BFF.

She’s family to me.

Back to the basics : 
Carol & I met at school in the early 90’s. She was sitting in the middle of the classroom. I arrived late during the first semester and entered in the room like a rebel with cause. I hardly noticed her and didn’t speak to many of my schoolmates for days. 
I remember that I spent the first few days with the “coolest” girls and boys around. Carol was not included into that gang. Honestly, I don’t remember exactly whenever we spoke for the first time. It was most likely during lunch time as we were used to be all together for eating.
She was my total opposite at that time. She was so nice (still, but in different ways), calm, inhibited, very tame and self-conscious. I was wild, independent, self-confident and not afraid of much. She was lovely and preppy, as I was wearing black and rock’n roll clothing. I was listening to rock & pop and she was still into typical French classic singers.

Yet, my contradictory in many points !

But we started to talk about things we liked and a common point appeared : Fashion ! I was already involved in that business and she was dying to model or to do anything related to.

We thought about a fashion shooting and did it the year after our meeting along with a schoolmate and we discovered that we both enjoyed working with each other..

We’re still working with each other and doing two shooting a year.

I have to say that Carol “blossomed” those past 20 years. She turned into a wonderful and almost self-confident woman. She doesn’t look like 40 and doesn’t sound like a middle-age woman (neither I do !). We are still teens with this mature reflection on life and those bills to pay.

Nevertheless, Carol is the lightest part of my darkness. She has been pushing me around to achieve my aims and is a very true supporter. She is also the best PR !

Carol is gifted for many skills and one of the most remarkable is sketching ! She’s been doing sketching for years but she is not pretending to be an artist…. Whom she is ! She could be terrific as a sketcher ! I encourage her to take classes because she has many abilities to do so.

So, yes, she is my best friend, a very gorgeous woman, funny (LOL in London… Salt, honey… It was salt !!.. Private joke here !), smart, enthusiast, caring and faithful. She is a true treasure as a friend. 

That is why we don't want to share our moments with anyone ! She is invaluable to me.

So Happy Birthday, N&M (private joke ! xoxo MOE), 
Have fun, take care and come and 
get your present as soon as possible (private joke !).

Some photos I took.. They are MY FAVORITES !! Most certainly not Carol’s !!

Petit ajout de la part d'une "collègue de travail"... :)