Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am on diet... Hurray.. Happy me ?

I am on diet.

If you ever meet me, you won’t ever notice because I am still overweighed. But for those whom know me for a while, the changing is visible. Due to a health problem (damn gallbladder, stomach and duodenum), I had to diet and I thought, back in September, I would not be able to do it more than one month. But whenever the pain is here whenever you eat, you can clearly diet and even more strictly than the doctor asked you to.

Last summer I experienced three days of real pain in my stomach and started to do medical exams early September. I might have neglected my health for a while because I am not (like many) keen on doctors. But this time, it was different. I really can’t heal myself with auto medication or even with “two days diet”. I had to eat soup/ mixed ham for a fortnight with 2 yogurts for lunch. I was like a bit exasperated by the routine but nothing that difficult. Then, I felt that the pain was over and that this diet suits my belly. So, I kept on diet with vegetables, chicken/turkey/veal meat, yogurts, cornflake/milk (on breakfast) and soups.

I strictly followed the instructions and I thought that one month would be enough to get back to normal. Unfortunately, one month later, the pain was back and I got an appointment with my doctor. The echo revealed that I had stones in the gallbladder and ulcers in the stomach/duodenum. Nothing quite severe indeed, but it had to be check out periodically, which I did.

The diet imposed itself by the way and I’ve been doing it since October. I do some extras a few times, but as long as I had this damn non-working gallbladder, the few extras are minus and quite painful. The last time, it was for Christmas. No foie gras, no chocolates, nothing really Christmas-like arrived on my plate. I only had shrimps, crab and fish on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I ate 5 cm of cheese, some slices of bread and drank half a glass of champagne….

Guess what ? I had painful backache for 3 days ! The lesson is learnt ! I focused on “no more extra”.

My regular meals were quite boring but it suits me… I spent the last 3 months without any backache. After the surgery date scheduled, I ate a biscuit with chocolate on it. Not because I missed that, but I was taking tea with my colleagues and ate that unthinkingly. I’d been having backache for 2 days. No fever, thanks God, which would mean an infection of the gallbladder and an express and urgent surgery (wich I was very very very closed to, as the surgeon said)..

So, here were my ordinary daily meals for months :

Breakfast : cornflake and milk (hopefully)

Lunch : chicken/turkey/veal + veggies (carrot, zucchini, leek, chard, radish, green beans, mushroom, etc.) + soft cheese, yogurt and fruits (apple, pear, banana) or compote.

Dinner : soup + toasted bread + fruit or a salad (cucumber, radish, green peas, carrot, tuna, etc.) with a fruit and a slice of soft cheese.

No tomato, no sauce, no oily cooking, no spice (that it what I miss the most : Paprika & Curry !) and no black tea, nothing which could have irritated stomach and made extra work the gallbladder.

Now that the surgery is over and that I am in the recovery phase, I have to keep on dieting a bit but in a very different way... So, I keep on doing the same as described above, but authorize myself to some sweets such as a cup of tea with sugar, or a biscuit during tea time... 

Moreover I am on diet I’m losing weight and feeling funnily younger.

Well, that's what some say !