Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My daily make up...

This is not a beauty blog, but a reader asked me about my daily products after reading beauty post I made a few weeks ago.

I am not sure that those products will still be my favorites at the end of 2012, but, so far, they have been my daily references…

I don’t wear foundation. I know, I know. Being 41 going to 42 and not using a foundation is quite a skin suicide.

I swap 2 day creams (and 2 night creams) monthly : Caudalie (Vinoperfect – Day perfecting Fluid SPF 15 ; Vinoperfect Nuit – Cell renewal night cream) and L’Oréal (Revitalift 10 ; Revitalift night). Idem for eyes (Eye & lip cream Pulpe Vitaminée by Caudalie ; Revitalift Eye by L’Oréal).

In case of an emergency, I put Vinosource Riche Ultra nourishing cream by Caudalie.

Then I use mineral tinted moisturizer cream (light to medium) by Caudalie that I put after my day cream.
I put some concealer on the spots I need to blemish a bit such as chin and under eyes (Concealer Hide the Blemish – soft Honey- by Rimmel) and add the Sun Bronze natural Bronzer with minerals #022 by Rimmel from the throat to the cheeks, very slight touches indeed.

Then, I use the eye pencil black (Exaggerate eye definer #261) & the mascara (Extra Super Lash Brown/black) by Rimmel. I never wear black mascara, but light brown or brown/black because it suits my hazel eyes.

I can add a liner (Glam’ eyes Liquid liner – brown) by Rimmel or put some eye shadow by L’Oréal (Infaillible/indefectible #012 Endless Chocolat). This color is incredible for hazel eyes. It shimmers.

Then, to be a bit more “fresh”, I spray Eau de Beauté by Caudalie. It’s fresh, smells terribly nice and it makes skin young like perfect and pure.

The last thing I do is my lips. So, when I do put some eye shadow, I hardly put some lipstick on my lips. I hydrate them with Carmex or with Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant by Elizabeth Arden. If I have to put lipstick, I only wear red ones.

My favorite are most certainly from Chanel and Agnès b. (Lune Rousse Chanel / Agnès b. “coup de foudre”). I like glosses too, mainly from Rimmel too. They are lovely on lips and tastes so nice (caramel or red fruits).

What I do like the most is nail polishes. I am madly in love with that. I don’t like long nails indeed. Mine are always cut shot. As for nail polish brands, I found out the 2 perfects : Chanel & Mavala. From Chanel, I am an absolute fan of Particulière, Black Satin and Vendetta;  From Mavala, I may say most of them but I fancy London, Bronze Green and New York.

I most likely enjoy red and grey as nail polish, but the Particulière (Chanel) is the must-have for me. it is taupe and it is a real basic. I couldn’t live without this nail polish.

Yet, I just realize that I am wearing quite the same and usual make up daily. It is funny how you can be stuck on products, but I guess that once you find something which suits you perfectly (or at least, the best it can be), you just have to adapt yourself to it.

As my clothing are mainly based on black, I try out to put some red lipstick, red nail polish and a few touches of colors (scarves, gloves, jewels) to brighten up.

So, to sum up it all : Caudalie, L’Oréal, Chanel, Rimmel & Mavala. What else ?

Oh, I almost forgot  ! Skin Cleaner on morning and evening is from Caudalie (Eau démaquillante / Demaquillant Soin Doux Visage/Yeux). It is the first and ultimate gestures I do daily : cleaning my skin from makeup, pollution and dead skin.

To finish, I should add the perfumes I adore : Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Kingdom by McQueen & Burberry for Men by Burberry....

What about yours ?