Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please, watch your feet, girls !!!

Honestly, I am aghast !

It’s spring time here, in France, and the weather turned a few days ago to sunny and bright… and warm temperatures. So, mainly girls are putting short skirts, tops and opened shoes (no matter high or flat shoes)… they are just walking like Snow White after the Prince’s kiss and they look like quite lovely…
BUT…. (yes, indeed, there is a major But !) they neglected their feet ! For God’s Sake, girls, can’t you look to your feet and especially to your heels ! You can clearly see callus or cracks. Not only is it disgracing but you ruin your lovely shoes ! I really hate that ! It disgusts me !

Yesterday I was on the bus and a young girl came in. She sat and she crossed her legs elegantly, revealing so a nice high heels shoe. It was a black/white shoe with little butterflies on the top and on the rein around her ankle (only saw the left side!). Anyhow when she crossed her legs, I was horrified. It was cracked, with dead skins on both sides on the heel and around toenails. She put a nailpolish (probably an OPI due to the specific color) but the dead skins annihilated the impact of it !

Although, girls, it is not difficult to get soft and clean feet, without spending a lot of money at the pedicure shop ! You can use two solutions my grandmothers used and shared with me :

1)      Buy Nivea© cream and put a lot on your damaged feet before going to bed. Add socks and sleep with those on. Yes, I know, it is not sexy, but you can easily do it whenever your darling is off or he might appreciate not having cold feet close to his ! You have to do it a couple of times if your feet are really cracked. Then, the morning after, you just have to rub your feet with grindstone and then, do the “socks” operation the following night. Yet, just do it once in a fortnight (if feet are soft), or twice a week (if they are quite dead)… Do not forget to put cream on your feet each morning too ! Neutrogena© special damaged feet is excellent or any kind cream with Argon oil would be good.

2)      If your feet are totally smashed : ask to your pharmacy a bottle of ½ 90° alcohol ½ glycerin and do the same “socks operation” for a week. Alcohol would disinfect your hurt feet and the glycerin would soften the areas. Then, subsequent, just do the same soften issue with a daily cream.

And, please, girls, DO NOT go out without perfect feet (and hands) with manicure or not on, but without callus on your heels ! It sucks !