Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arctic Monkeys gig in Paris

First of all, I need to confess something : I am a huge admirer of Blur. A fan, if you prefer. I’ve been in love with Blur since june 1990 and still. And I just realized that I never explain my taste in music… another paper will come soon to talk about “my music universe”.
Anyhow, Blur has been my first and true musical love for 22 years now, but back  in 2005/2006, my ears stopped over a MySpace page pointed by one of my former boyfriend. Fans were putting videos and songs from a Sheffield (UK) band whom didn’t even know about that page ! 

I liked them immediately ; They captured my ears and I decided to follow those young teenagers.

When they appeared on MySpace, they were very young, around 17/18 years old, but Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys frontman/singer/compositor/author, had already this nervousness charisma behind a post-adolescent face
Whatever some say, I didn’t fell for Turner. I still don’t. I like his voice, his way of performing, his way of writing songs and his fucking talent ! He is gifted ! I often compare him to Damon Albarn, Blur frontman, because of his skills and huge abilities to do anything related to music. He already did 4 albums for Arctic Monkeys, 1 with co-star Miles Kane within the combo The Last Shadow Puppets, 1 soundtrack (Submarine) and co-wrote last Kane’s album. So, this young, tiny and boy-next-door is just one of the happy few whom can do anything !

I already saw them several times in concert and in the early years, they were static on stage, very shy and a bit surprised to be here in front of an audience, but lately, they are turned to be performers !
I saw them last late august in Paris while Rock en Seine festival. They were good but the audience wasn’t only their fans… So, when, I’ve been informed of their 3 gigs in Paris early 2012, I had to go to, at least, one. I would have loved to attend to the Olympia one, but I had another appointment away from Paris. I went to the Casino de Paris on January 31rd.
I am not going to mention the audience, because all ages were represented and some seemed to come in without having a damn clue about the band.
After Miles Kane excellent performance, Arctic Monkeys came on stage and Turner was terrific ! Looked like a 50’s rock singer but quite sexier … They performed greatly and really put fire in the Casino de Paris.  Some songs were perfectly sung and I truly appreciated the show. 

My fave songs this time were Brianstorm, Crying Lighting, Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair, Pretty Visitors, She’s Thunderstorms, Do Me A Favour, When The Sun Goes Down and, of course, the already mythic 505 (video below).
I had a ball there. It was just wonderfully great to attend with my friends and share this gig with them.
Those 4 little guys from Sheffield would be greater and greater. Just follow Turner’s path !  He deserves  it !