Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why I love sketching fashion clothings

I love to sketch. I really do. I’ve always loved that art. When I was a kid, I was used to do three things during my spare time : writing, photographing and sketching. I have many short stories written with my little girl handwriting, photographs taken (first one taken at 7 !) and sketches. Basically, they are very naïve and quite basic. But what I love the most, apart “les nus”, is fashion sketching. That is what I do naturally. It is so simple for me to imagine a gown, a trouser, a blouse, a dress etc. It is obviously what I was made for. Even if, when I was 12 to 18, I just wanted to be a forensic (yes.. I know), I’d always dreamt about being a fashion designer. I was a true admirer of designers such as Poiret, Chanel, Christian Dior, YSL, Lelong, Grès, Carven, etc.
I think that doing a sketching of a dress or anything else for someone is just magic. I sketched 2 wedding dresses. The first one was for a total unknown girl. I still only know her name : Julie. I met her at the newsstand whilst buying fashion magazines. She was talking with the owner and telling him how disappointed she was after the rehearsal of the dress. 
She looked to my magazines and asked me if I knew someone whom “could sketch her dream wedding dress”. I replied “ Why not me ?”. But I was just kidding. Well, a bit.  She said back to me “why not indeed ?”. So we went to a nearby café and I drew it for her. I was not sure that she would have loved it but she did ! What I know is that she called her mom, her couturier and asked her to see “that perfect dress”. The couturier sewed it and she got married in that dress, sketching in a café !

The second one was a then colleague. She needed a gown for a special occasion and asked me to help her out. This time, I sketched and sewed it ! She was divine in it. I was very proud of that.

So, those 2 sketching are the best I’ve done but they have been done for a special friend.