Sunday, January 29, 2012

Old objects exhibition - Part I

Once again, in 2006, Saint Martial was organizing a “Litterature day”, thanks to Natacha, then running the library (Oh boy, what a word for a small room fulfilled with about 100 books !) of the village, nowadays running the Library of Verteillac.
Aside this program, Natacha wanted an exhibition on old objects or materials used my villagers. She contacted me and I took some photos of the family possession and tried out to make them look like fine piece of art.
I discovered a lot of objects owned from my great-great grandparents to my grand-father and uncle. It was a very familiar feeling to take photography of them and then, touching the object and feel the presence of the beloved one.
Nevertheless, I realized at that moment that I deeply enjoy taking photography and create an atmosphere for any photo.
I could have taken the photos in the exact place where the object is located but I thought that organizing it in any other area would benefit the photo. So, I decided to shoot in the family garden on a lovely table close to a chestnut tree with a lovely late afternoon light.
I am proud of this exhibition and should put it on line on Saint Martial website.
What do you think of ?