Friday, December 23, 2011

Keep on with Mother Nature, right ?

Sometimes, you just have to walk around your area to realize that Mother Nature does it right... Apart from Fashion shooting, Architecture, Churches & Portrays, I like photographing nature... Animals of course, but mainly landscapes.... 
But a few years ago I took this photo around Christmas. It was on the road back home (about 500 m from my home) and I was thrilled when I had a glance at it. It was magnificent ! It was here and I could not put my eyes off it until I took my camera and shot it like it was a character in a show ! 

Then, a few months later, I walked around the same area and saw this one... It was spring and blossoms were   popping up ... I was happy to be able to capture two trees with such charisma...

Nature does it well, very well, indeed...

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