Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friendship in Fashion Chapter : Part I - Carol Hart - best friend & model

I decided to open the "friendship in Fashion" chapter with Carol Hart. She's been my best friend since 1992 and a very tremendous meeting... She's been doing fashion shooting with me since and we both have liked that so much...
She's calm, smart, a bit shy, beautiful, funny and attentive to others... pretty much my opposite though ! But the most important quality she has is in faith in her friends. She believes in me. She is probably one of the few true supporters I have. Always encouraging me even though she does say criticisms sometimes, on purpose..

I thank her here to be such a great person, with such a good heart....

Carol Hart, modelling for ItemLiz-ECK, PART I :

Photo taken in a garbage station area, 1 day before its closing !

Very famous photo for us.... It's Carol's favourite one, I guess

Part II, tomorrow