Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blur - Selected B.B.C. Outside Broadcasts 1993-2003

Oui, quand je suis "hors service", je me remonte à deux choses : 

l'irish coffee et blur....

Sunday Sunday (Glasgow Barrowlands 1993)
Chemical World (Glasgow Barrowlands 1993)
Tracy Jacks (Glastonbury 1994)
Magic America (Glastonbury 1994)
Far Out (Mile End 1995)
Daisy Bell (Mile End 1995)
Chinese Bombs - early version (Dublin RDS 1996)
Nite Klub - cover (Dublin RDS 1996)
Song 2 - early version (Dublin RDS 1996)
He Thought Of Cars (Dublin RDS 1996)
My Sharona - snippet (Dublin RDS 1996)
To The End (Dublin RDS 1996)
Oily Water (London Astoria 1997)
Sing (London Astoria 1997)
Swallows In The Heatwave (Brixton Academy 1997)
Death Of A Party (Brixton Academy 1997)
Theme From Retro (Brixton Academy 1997)
I'm Just A Killer For Your Love (Brixton Academy 1997)
End Of A Century (Glastonbury 1998)
Repetition (Glastonbury 1998)
Coping (Glastonbury 1998)
Essex Dogs (Meltdown 1998)
For Tomorrow (Reading 1999)
Brothers And Sisters (London Astoria 2003)
Caravan (London Astoria 2003)
On The Way To The Club (London Astoria 2003)
Me, White Noise (London Astoria 2003)
Badhead (Reading 2003)
Battery In Your Leg (Reading 2003)

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