Monday, July 23, 2012


I’ve been thinking about that post for a few weeks now. I didn’t want to talk about that because I think that my blog has to remain joyful and lovely… and this topic is not.

The words loyalty, honesty, and trust really mean something for me. I might not be the most perfect person in the world, but I do know what my real values are. I never used those words to content others and I seldom use them in a frivolous matters. Lately, I’ve been quite upset by the using of those words in my professional environment.

The basic of me is loyalty and trust. But obviously, the meaning is not common to anyone. Loyalty doesn’t mean to be blindly to any gesture or thought someone else has. Some people just think that loyalty and devotion are the same words. They are not. Whenever you ask for loyalty, you need to be worthy, not dignified. If you have used your influence, your position or even your money, you have no right to demand loyalty.

As for trust, you may ask for it, but be sure to trust people in return.

I don’t like that feeling when people think that they do all right and shout at loud to others thinking that their unique vision of the world is the best. Some might understand that you ought to win trust and loyalty. You never have to impose your position in the society to plea reciprocity.

I’ve experimented that misuse lately and I won’t forgive that. I cannot. I’ve been raised up with values. I cherish those principles and I won’t compromise on them. I can accept many breaking to the rules and laws, but not to fundamentals.

There is next to no indulgence or forgiveness.