Monday, May 14, 2012

Words & photos... express yourself !

One of my colleagues of art, and a very talented artist, Pauline Sauveur, shared a few weeks ago a wonderful e-book based upon drawing and poems. I thought it was beautiful and told her that it was a very awe-inspiring way of expressing her art and I congratulated her for her words.
I pointed out too that I’ve been used to do such thing for ages. In fact, I am an addict of poetry, drawing and mixing things together. I am influenced by whatever support I can see. I mean, sometimes I just do clippings from magazines to get an image I like or even a sentence I noticed. Somehow, it reveals to me a certain way of thinking and I write down aside a text, a poem or sometimes just a single word to express myself. I have many notebooks with plenty of those poems/clippings and I really enjoy this way of expression.
I think that artists have to share their works and the mix between a painter/sketcher and an author is just accurate.
Drawing (sketching) is a major art and poetry is not as difficult as many think. Surely, the best poets and the magnificent poems are not easy to write, but, we, common people, can effortlessly write down a few sentences without too much effort.

I am quite a novice in sketching but I would have loved to be more gifted. I envy the artists who can draw anything from their own imagination.

I hardly do that. I am reproducing figures or images. I can sketch from my own imagination but it takes ages before the draw itself looks like something visual. So, the main source of drawing is others’.
I just realized that the image (photography) is still in the center of my attention as many of those supports are visually a photograph…. I just put my words and my inner feelings around it.

Express yourself !