Thursday, March 08, 2012

Women Day... So what ?

First of all, I am not a feminist ! But I am obviously a woman, so “Woman’s Day” ought to draw my attention to the subject. Anyhow, this morning, on the radio, it was all about “Woman’s Day” and the differences between men and women at work, at home and wherever else. Gosh, is there something I missed lately ?
Women in France were under father figure authority : until 1946 to vote freely ; Until late 60’s to have possibility to get a bank account on their own and work with a man agreement ; Until late 60’s to be authorized to go abroad freely without the signature of their father or husband ; Until 70’s to get the right to get an abortion, etc.
So what ? Did something change ? Women still work, raise the kids, do households, cook meals and stay (or try to) feminine enough to please their “other half”. Women have always done most of the job in the family circle but weren’t able to say it loud. It was normality for men that a woman was a mother, a wife and a housekeeper (and most likely not in that order.)
The fact that women work and get higher responsibilities in firms or in governments doesn’t mean that they are equal to men. In a men’s world, how can it be ? As long as the opinion would think that a woman is weaker than a man, makes to get children, and better to do household things, there will not be any changing.
I do think that a woman has qualities that a man won’t ever have. And Vice versa ! If we are different, I guess that it is meant to be this way and let the world go in harmony.
Demanding a better treatment toward the “weak sex” is not a good point to make things change. If the actions are harsh, the cause won’t be served. And men would probably wonder that if an educated woman does that, what a lesser educated woman would do ?

Yet, the cause is not a real cause, because in the public opinion : for instance, a woman cannot be a capable politic leader and be sexy, gorgeous, funny ;  A blonde long-legged woman will always be a bit dumb, a sexy brunette will be a bitch and a fat girl will be a very nice and happy person eating too much. The clichés are still effective nowadays and women are part of it too.

As far as I can remember (due to my age !), I’ve never wanted to get babies. I am not into being a mother despite that I like children and especially my friends’ children. So, as you can effortlessly imagine, I have plenty of comments from men quite amazed to hear a girl saying “I am not a mother type”. But the main and ruthless comments are from women. How many time shall I undergo those words from my kind ?
A few samples  ?
I bet you will change your mind whenever you will meet the mister right” (What for ? As we, women, are supposed to be equal and do babies on our own ?) ;
Phew, you don’t know what you’re missing, my dear !” (please, do me a favor, don’t tell me !) ;
A woman has to get babies ! It’s against nature not to have babies !” (Please, tell me I am not human !) ;
But the best of the best from independent women who want equality with men :
A woman can NOT  be a real woman without having children !” (Basically, who am I ? A fish ? A Elephant ? A mouse ?).
As long as my kind would judge me and many others that way, being even more sexist than men, I would NOT speak up for equality. Nevertheless, I am deeply thankful to all the women who fought for women rights (vote, abortion, contraception, etc.).
Women want everything but still follow the men principles over the years.
I am sure that I am socking a few women, but if you ever suffer from your girl mates ‘machos opinions, you would agree to my point of view.  

2 famous British suffragettes  :

Christabel Pankhurst

 & Emmeline Pankhurst