Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fashion, Makeup, Lipstick and a new blog !

This paper won’t mean a damn thing to boys (or to a few, indeed), but whenever you talk about beauty, makeup and hair with a girl, you will understand what I mean here : obsession of beauty.
When you still are a little girl, thinking that “mom is the most gorgeous woman in the world” (or your aunt, your grandma, your older cousin, etc.), you just want to be alike. You need to borrow her high heels, her lipstick, her perfume (which is too perfumed for you !) and her creams. You just try out to look like her and you put lipstick, walk around like a princess with too large heels !

So, your very first experience of makeup is definitely a moment a girl remembers. I do.
My experience was with perfume and lipstick. My grandmother on my father’s side was used to put red lipstick every day. I admired her to be so classy with only lipstick on. She didn’t make up her eyes, her eyebrows, her cheeks, etc., only her lips. Her lipstick was from Rouge Baiser and it was a RED RED RED one. So classy, so distinguee, so feminine, so sexy !
On one simple afternoon, after a lunch with my grandfather, I put her lipstick on my lips and went to Junior High School. I was 13. Apart from my girls friends whom envied me (or giggled at me), I felt like a woman the whole afternoon. What I hadn’t imagined was the look from men. I am not talking about the pupils, but also from teachers and men in the street.
I noticed that a red lipstick drew attention the men on your face and their looks were full of envy. Amazing feeling when you are only 13 to experience envy and desire from men. Of course, my male mates were a bit dump and acted like stupid and laughed at me. It wasn’t that outrageous but I stopped wearing red lipstick the morning after. Anyhow, I kept on that way a few months later after a comment from a boy I fancied whom told me “you were so lovely with your red lips”. Until then, I didn’t stop putting make up in my face : mainly mascara, and lipstick.
And believe me or not, wearing a red lipstick is always a sign for men. Whatever you look like (model or not), put red lipstick on and you would experiment lovely looks and some nice comments !
Through the years, I had access to many brands and products and some became my true favorites. Here are the brands I love : Caudalie, Chanel, Rimmel, Marc Jacobs, Burberry & Mavala.
Caudalie has become recently my main source of creams (night & day) & cleaner. I was used to buy Nuxe, but the smell did change a bit and I could not bear it anymore.
Chanel still makes the best nail polishes for me along with Mavala (cheaper version !). My top of the tops from Chanel are : 505 (Particulière) and Black Satin ; Mavala’s : London, Las Vegas, New York  & Liverpool (amazingly, 2 of “my cities” ! ). I just noticed that 505 is also one of favorite songs (Arctic Monkeys)… I am glued to this number !

Chanel is great for lipsticks too and the Rouge Coco is one of my top priorities.
Rimmel is this British brand, quite famous having Kate Moss gracing the adverts. I love any product from them : mascara, eyeliners, powder, lipsticks, concealer, foundation (even though I don't wear one), etc. !
As for perfumes, I am a bit addictive to three  : “Burberry for men” – Burberry  (yes, I borrowed this bottle to my boyfriend !), “Kingdom’ – McQueen  & especially “Daisy” – Marc Jacobs.

My first perfume was the one my grandmothers used to put : “L’air du Temps” – Nina Ricci. My mother puts that too, but she prefers “Opium” – YSL. At 15, I was offered “First” – Van Cleef & Arpels. I kept that one for about 5 or 6 years and it was just delicious. Then, I discovered CK One – Calvin Klein (again, a boyfriend’s perfume) and decided to change. Now, I even can’t think of a single day without perfume and especially without “Daisy” or “Burberry for men”. Moreover the “Daisy” packaging is absolutely divine.
I must admit that I am not a total beauty freak. I don’t buy anything new and I don’t care about “updated” products, but I have my own and I am stuck with them. If I had to choose one product, it would be lipstick : a red one of course !

You can go out without mascara, concealer, foundation or blush, but not without a lipstick on. Whatever color the lipstick is, you look like beautiful with something on your lips. That is.

Here is a new blog about beauty : ; I know the blogger and did some shootings with her lately. She is overwhelming : stylish, bright, girlie & beautiful.

A little plus : whenever my lips hurt, I just put Carmex (an external analgesic for cold sores) on. Sometimes, it’s just Elizabeth Arden’s lip cream or a Rimmel Gloss.