Sunday, February 12, 2012

a tomato, my grandma & I

My grandparents were used to make veggies in the garden and my grandma, until the day before her death, made the garden proper and wonderful. One day, we went to pick up some veggies and I noticed those 2 tomatoes. But it was a dry and hot day ; Nothing exciting to take a picture of. I asked my grandma to put some water over the tomatoes while I was taking a shot. It looks like dawn dew but it’s fake !  We had so much fun doing this photo. We burst into laugh a couple of times and I even had to put my camera down because I could not stop laughing.
But whenever I watched to this photo, I can clearly see my grandma pointing the watering can over the wooden stake, smiling and laughing. It was just one of our lovely moments spent together in the family house. She was thrilled when she  saw the result of the photo. She loved it and asked me to frame it and put it on one of the house walls.
I am proud of this photo because it occurs that you only need a little help and a kind of “magic” to transform a tremendous moment to a lovely photo.