Sunday, January 08, 2012

Someone asked me...

Well, basically, each new year, someone sends me a stupid listing with "Q&A"... and I avoided to answer back but this time, I found out those "5 things about me" quite amusing...

Here are the Q&A 2012... illustrated with photos....

5 things found in my bag :

- my BlackBerry bold 9900
 - a book
- a camera
- MP3 (sure !)
- too many things to count = 1

 5 things found in my purse :

- 1 £
- 1/4 $
- lucky charm from Ireland
- Liverpool FC card member
- a stone from Royan beach

5 favorites things in my room :

 - My books on Arthur Rimbaud & Erwin Rommel
- a Krissy photo framed
- my wall of souvenirs
- my blur collection
- Union Jack cover

5 things I always wanted to do :

- write a movie and offer it to my favorite director(s)
- go to South America for a long long journey
- visit my friends from all over the world, once a year
- be an author & a photographer with major contracts,
- work half year for Unicef

5 things I am currently into :

- improving my websites,
- writing a 7th novel,
- keeping on reviewing music of Lords of Rock
- being quite happy indeed
- scanning all my photos

What about yours ???? 

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