Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alexander The Great.... Still the greater of all...

Le Louvre shows an exhibition called “Alexander The Great Kingdom – Antic Macedonia” until January 16th 2012. In a semi-darkness, Le Louvre puts in the light an amazing and gorgeous collection of gold, jewelries, objects from Alexander The Great reign. From Macedonia to Asia, the collection is very incredibly tremendous. The archeologists discovered for instance, around western Thessalonica,  Herakles’ grave (one of Alexander’s sons whom have been murdered after his father to eradicate the family) and it shows some objects. Some of the 500 objects presented are totally new , as they never travelled before away from Greek museums.
Alexander was great in his discovers, battles, empire and stories, but he is probably the Greatest of all kings ever.
Photos from "la Grande Galerie" Le Louvre Magazine - no photos allowed within the exhib.