Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leica, my love...

Sometimes, when I walk or drive around, I can clearly see photos in my head. Totally. I look to something and suddenly, the perfect image is printed into my mind and I have to photography it. Sometimes, it is just landscape that I think enough interesting to capture, or people, or architecture. Mostly, it occurs to be landscape, flowers, animal and architecture. Not mention that I do that all the time whilst fashion shooting ; I do know exactly what I will get on picture before taking it !
For those 2 photos, I knew before the shot that I will have that image on my roll (yes, it was still roll of films, not digital)… Amazingly, I like this idea of photographing. I feel the photo, I know the movement and as I really knew my old camera perfectly, I didn’t have to wait for ages to do it. Only 2 seconds shot.
Now, with the digital, it is less obvious. The digital is still on the manual program because I can easily control the lights and the focusing. I guess that learning with a basic Leica was the best formation ever…

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