Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cat lovers...

I am a Cat Lady. I’ve always been a cat lover. Probably because we used to have cats in the family, wild cats indeed at our family house. My grandma has adopted any single lost animal from turtle to hedgehog. I had a dog once in our apartment, called him after ancient French King, Dagobert, but could not kept him due to the lack of space. But I preferred cats. I like the independence, the loyalty, the fact that they don’t care at all even if you ask for a hug, don’t come whenever you call, and especially they smell good.

Apart from the lost cats, we had 4 cats so far. The first one was a white Persia cat, called “Bijou” (jewel) and he was a bit a weirdo. Aggressive and a bit pain in the ass. But he was a very beautiful cat. We had to put him to sleep after an attack toward my mom whom still has scars from it.

The second was the best ever ! He was named after my favorite city in the world : Liverpool (photo below). He was an Abyssinian Cat. A true wonder. He was gorgeous, quiet, funny, loved hugs, listened to any order and fully understood any situation. He knew how to travel (train, plane, car) well and without complaining and enjoyed the country House ! He loved to be in Saint Martial and at the moment, only, he was my grandma’s cat. He never listened to anyone but her there. It was funny to see him ignoring my mother and I and preferring sleeping with my grandma and following her everywhere. We kept him 13 years and it was too short. Liverpool is still a reference in our family. Whenever a cat comes around, Liverpool’s name pops up. He is unforgettable.

The 3rd and 4th are the today cats, both females (photo below, aged 9 months). Well, no need to understand how strange we are, when it comes to tell their names : the tiny one name is Anakin (Skywalker is her middle name !) and the biggest one (literally) is Arthur (Rimbaud, as middle name). Only Anakin has a nickname (Ani). Arthur is too into her name to accept another. It suits her perfectly. She’s a poem… They are sisters but are totally opposite physically and spiritually. Anakin is wild, secret, independent, but likes to “speak” all the time. Arthur is glued to you, always following the crowd, curious (she looks through the window all day long) and doesn’t “speak” that much. Anakin is thin, petite and doesn’t eat much ; Arthur is overweighed, big and asks for food hourly. Anakin is my mother’s and Arthur’s mine….