Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Carol's Veil and her will to be romantic ....

Someone asked me about this photo already published in this blog...

Here is my comment about it :

Carol doesn’t like this photo I took more than 10 years ago. Really she does not. I don’t know why. Basically, I know. She is the romantic one of our duo. She is always the one whom wants to be “romantic, in a fairy tales atmosphere” ; I am the one whom want more “rebellion without cause, more darkness in the bright side of it !”.
So, I imagined her dress that I sew on her directly. A siren dress, very romantic but a bit sexy. I exposed her in a lovely garden and pretended a “graceful” story. Then, I added the black veil ; Very vaporous ;  Enough to darken her face and her smile. I called this photo “the sexy widow !”.
You can easily see her smile in transparence of the veil. I guess that she was happy to be shot like this because it was not her. And the main point of taking fashion shooting with Carol (and now, with the 3 wonders we enrolled, Alex, Marine & Sarah) is to be precisely “not herself”.
As a photographer, I don’t need model to be themselves. I need them to be, to act, to feel like some else. I think that directing a fashion shooting is pretty much directing a film. You have lead actress and you have a storyboard (which I do precisely any shooting) with music, atmosphere and accessories and then, a place. They just have to get the role and play it, the best they can.
It is always joyful to take photos with that on my mind. I just want them to be someone else. They are natural talents to pretend to be someone else and they have to use it in front of my camera !
Beside, as a photographer, I see no fun and no will to keep on shooting fashion if I don’t create my own world and put a bit of merry feelings in it.
So ?