Friday, January 20, 2012

Arles, wonderful and ancient city... and a gorgeous guy ! -Part I

Arles is one of my favorite place in Provence. Probably in France too (along with Bordeaux, Paris, Roscoff &  Aveyron area) : a very antic city, on the Rhône docks and with magnificent buildings, churches and monuments. Among all those beauties, the Antic Museum can look very modern. Indeed, the architecture of the museum is brand new, on the opposite of the master pieces exposed in.
A few years ago, I was used to take classes in Arles with an Art teacher. A few colleagues and I were driving to Arles on Saturday early morning, take our class and visit Arles and its area. We very much appreciated to visit the Antic Museum while the exhibition about “roman pieces found in the Rhône” took place. It was awesome to watch at those statues, pieces of art, plates, jewels etc.
Usually, museums don’t allow photos and only your memory does the job. You buy the catalogue of the exhibition but, unfortunately, you don’t have the object you really admired instantly. But Arles Museum offered this opportunity to fix up your best souvenirs of those treasures.
Here are my favorite objects… especially this Caligula Statue… This man was atrociously awful and mean, but he was real magnetically handsome.