Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Alex, my sibling : Sisters are doing it for themselves !

Nevertheless to say, I am SO proud of her. She is a perfect sister. The one I’ve dreamt of for years. We have many separated years between us (basically, 24 !), but she is careful to her “old sis”. I wish I could have participated to her young years, but I, now, appreciate daily to have a “little sister”.

She is divine ! Yes, she is. She is a strong person, down to earth, friendly, smart, beautiful and really amazing.

She has many skills and knows how to use them all…

She looks like a wild horse within a princess gown. It is not depreciatory! It is a reality. She is thinking like a man but she is sexy and a feminist  !

Her joie de vivre is definitely one of her numerous qualities. Then, whatever she would love to achieve, she shall succeed. No matter what !

My sister is a very precious person to me and to anyone whom knows her. I think that she is what people can define like an “attractive person”, the one whom comes into a room and draw anyone's attention immediately, man or woman.

Whatever she will do or be, she will be my proud (along with our brother, of course !).