Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friendship in Fashion Chapter : Evana Torrens - Part I

In the early years of ItemLiz-ECK, both Carol & I were doing photos on our own, but in 1996, we enrolled a young (12), fresh, funny and gorgeous little girl, my cousin. She had (and still) the most incredible green eyes, this "je-ne-sais-quoi" of style and this attitude of a star.
She decided to get a name especially for the photos and named herself  : Evana Torrens.

She modelled with us until 2006 and then, quit for personnal reasons. It was a nice time working with her because she put Carol forward to her best and was able to model without any specific directive from the crew. She knew how to move, to look, to express herself at 12, and kept on doing the best work ever, each time.

Despite all the words has been spoken, Carol & I missed her joie de vivre, bad temper and smile. Evana, if you ever read that 2 parts about your photos, believe us when we say that we loved you and still.

Here are a few photos of Evana Torrens, modelling for ItemLiz-ECK :

her very first photo with us !